6th International Workshop on Computational Human Phantoms

with special emphasis on their applications in computational modeling and simulations (CM&S) for biomedical imaging, radiation dosimetry, treatment planning, and regulatory submissions

Dates:          August 27, 2017               Welcome Reception

                        August 28-30, 2017         Scientific Program

Location:    Loews Hotel, Annapolis, MD, USA

Chair: Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Johns Hopkins University, USA 
Co-Chair: W. Paul Segars, Duke University, USA
Co-Chair: Wolfgang Kainz, CDRH, FDA, USA
Program Coordinator: Michele Ingram, Johns Hopkins University, USA

International Steering Committee
Wesley E. Bolch, University of Florida, USA
David Broggio, IRSN, France
Wolfgang Kainz, CDRH, FDA, USA
Chan Hyeong Kim, Hanyang Univ., S. Korea
Niels Kuster, IT’IS, Switzerland
Junli Li, Tsinghua University, China
Tomoaki Nagaoka, NICT, Japan
W. Paul Segars, Duke University, USA
Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Johns Hopkins University, USA
George Xu, RPI, USA
Maria Zankl, Helmholtz Zemtri Muenchen, Germany