Journal Submission to IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences (TRPMS)

Dear Colleagues,

As we indicated during the CP-2017 Workshop, the CP-2017 is partnering with the IEEE TRPMS for the publication of a Special Issue consisting of full-length peer-reviewed papers from authors presenting their work at CP-2017.

To submit a paper, click on the following link:

A specific paper category has been created for submissions from authors of papers presented at the CP-2017 this year. Under « Paper Type » the authors should select “CP 2017”.

This paper type is already available and will remain available until the submission deadline which has been extended to December 20, 2017.

You will also find the instructions for forms for the manuscript submissions at the journal website. The tentative publication date for the Special Issue will be August, 2018.

We look forward to your manuscript submissions to the Special Issue. If you have questions about the manuscript submission or the Special issue, please let us know through the CP-2017 email address or contact us directly.

Best regards,

CP-2017 Workshop Chair and Co-Chairs
IEEE TRPMS Special Issue for CP-2017 Guest Editors
Benjamin M. W. Tsui, Johns Hopkins University, USA
W. Paul Segars, Duke University, USA
Wolfgang Kainz, CDRH, FDA, USA